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Deluxe tubes with back rest, drink holder, & mesh bottoms.

Don't forget the floating cooler rental

River rentals

canoe tube kayak pix.png

Sit-on-style or

sit-in style single person kayaks ~

Canoe rental - up to four persons

Our campground is located on Daggett Brook.  It runs from East Fox Lake and continues into Little Pine Lake.  The water is crystal clear with a sandy bottom.  The average depth is 2-3 feet.  Experience nature on this river while enjoying a relaxing ride.  Rentals are located at the start of our property by the bridge.  Check out your rental item in the office and then enjoy a short walk to the starting point.  When the river is at its normal level, you can expect a tube ride to last just over an hour.  The ending point is a dock located at the rear of the property and has a large yellow "Campground Exit" sign.  Here, you will exit the river and place your tube in the trailer.  For those of you who rent a canoe or kayak, we ask that you bring your rental over to this trailer as well for easier pick up by our staff.  You can also leave life jackets and paddles here as well.  Continue on the trail for a 10 minute walk back into the campground.  Each rental fee is good for 1 trip down the river.  

life jackets available in all sizes for free use

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