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Campground rules are for the safety of all our guests.  Anyone not obeying the rules will either be given a warning, or asked to leave.  Please remember that you are responsible for the actions of your children.  We recommend you talk with your children about the rules when you arrive at the campground.

**You will be given a complete list of rules when you check in
at the office upon your arrival**

  5mph speed limit throughout the entire campground property. This 
applies to vehicles, ATV's, bicycles, and golf carts.

 9pm curfew.  All children under 16 MUST be in your campsite by 9pm.
Playground and game room both close at this time.  Children must be
accompanied by an adult after curfew.

Children under the age of 13,  MUST be accompanied by an adult
over the age of 18 to be allowed in the pool area.

NO OUTSIDE WOOD TO BE BROUGHT IN. This includes lumber, scraps, etc.
There will be a $20 fine charged to your site if you are caught with your own wood.   

This is only a partial list of our campground rules. But these are the
rules most commonly not followed.


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