What you can expect when you are staying

at Up a Creek Campground

#1.  A terrific stay with hosts who will do everything they can

to make your vacation an enjoyable one!

#2.  Sometimes the office isn't always open at the EXACT minute is should be.  

Issues arise and we sometimes need to take care more pressing matters

first.  Because we take care of this business by ourselves, we will sometimes

open the store a little late!

#3.  There have been times when a breaker trips and you will be without power

for about 5 minutes.  We apologize but sometimes this just happens.  

#4.  Every once in a great while, we need to close the pool for a few hours and sometimes

up to half a day for maintenance issues.   We by law cannot have the pool

open with cloudy water.  Adding chemicals sometimes takes up to 4 hours 

to see the results.

#5.  Sometimes the river is too low and we are not able to rent out tubes, canoes

or kayaks due to these items dragging on the rocks and getting damaged.

#6.  Mosquitoes and Gnats!!  While we do spray for mosquitoes, there

are always those that find their way into the campground!  Hey, they like 

campers as much as we do!!!

With all this said, we do strive to make your stay a memorable one!  

However, if any of these issues are a deal breaker for you, then perhaps

our campground is not the place for you.  We would rather 

not have you as a guest than to have you be disappointed and

leave us a bad review!!

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