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Bring your ATV or UTV for some AWESOME trail riding!  We allow our guests to keep their machines at their site and ride them from their site to the campground entrance and back again.  NO need to trailer your machine to enjoy the hundred plus miles of maintained trails in the area.  Please note that you may not drive your machine throughout the campground at any time.  Strictly from your site to the entrance only.  We also do not allow machines in or out of campground after 9pm.  Please plan your trip accordingly. 

We have on-site trailer parking available and if no one is renting the site next to you, we do allow you to use that site for your trailer.  Please check with office for availability.

Trail maps are available in the office.  The trail system closest to the campground is the Emily/Outing Trail.  These are maintained by the "Over the Hills Gang".   Please follow all rules and regulations and be respectful when using this trail system.  We are located 4 miles from the start of the trail.  Riding your machines on County Road 1 into Emily is allowed by the DNR.  Please read up on the rules before starting your trail ride.

Click this button for more trail information & map

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